My forever

I would have waited forever for you

History filled with wrong pieces and puzzles thrown


about the wind

Scattered amongst floors

Hitting doors

that remained…



I felt your presence before seeing your face in full view


fit me  perfectly and beautifully as stars on hot summer nights

and rainbows after a storm

I’d go through the currents again just to find you at the end.

For you fill me with all I’ve been missing


the scars as they fade


You ask for my hand and our souls become one…

Our love story’s just begun

Your love’s like no other and more than I could have dreamt up

against my pillow white

As you hold me tight

… well into the morning

You take my breath away

In your arms I forget to breath cause all I need




My forever as we share this life together

Our foundation built on all that can never make us crumble

A love I never knew existed until you and I became us

An honor to become your wife

Share this life

Our souls knit as



© All rights reserved















Intrigued by my obscurity
you unwrap me
..more each day
To bare my heart to your knowing eyes
to my surprise
…our souls are just the same


© All rights reserved

Amy McCarthy


Those ink stained words caress
the deepest parts of me
..a touch
……without contact



©All rights reserved

Amy McCarthy

Words Unspoken

Her pen speaks volumes
Unmasked behind her frame
Written under moonlight
It’s there..she whispers your name.
As she pens her thoughts
on paper white
and dreams of you
throughout the night



© All rights reserved

Amy McCarthy


Oh but we shall rest
in the calmness of dreams
being wrapped in thoughts
of peaceful scenes
Under rays of light
from soft moonbeams
Dreaming of tomorrows


© All rights reserved

Amy McCarthy



In evenings quiet hour lay
gentle musings of the day
Pillow soft as rest sets in
Tomorrows new day shall begin
What shall sunrise unfold for thee
Pray hope, joy and liberty
As sunrise beams upon thy skin
Within the new day that begins



© All rights reserved


Amy McCarthy